Article I. Organization Name
The Society shall be known as the University of Zimbabwe Computer Society, to be
abbreviated UZCOS.

Article II. Purpose
The purpose of the organization is increase interest and understanding in ICT developments among students in the society and the community at large.
The society shall meet its goal by means such as seminars, meetings, projects and other activities relating to computing, technology and computer science.

Article III. Membership
Membership will be open to all the students who are currently enrolled at the University of Zimbabwe, provided they express interest in the society.
The board may refuse application for membership, if there is reasonable cause.
Once membership is established, each member shall be placed on the official mailing list maintained by the UZCOS. Thereafter, members shall be regularly updated and informed about pertinent issues, current events, and various programs and activities of the society.
Members shall at all times observe the constitution and bylaws of the Society, as well as the regulations governing the society.
Members shall not in any way bring The Society or The University of Zimbabwe into disrepute.
If a member is deemed, by agreement of The Board and Patron, to have infringed the rules of membership of The Society then they may be expelled from The Society, forfeiting any membership benefits gained through membership.

Article IV. Membership fees
All members of the UZCOS shall be required to pay an annual membership fee which shall be fixed by the Committee subject to agreement with the Society.
All club finances shall be kept…

Article V. Officers
Leadership of the University of Zimbabwe Computer Society shall be implemented through the Executive Board. This Board will consist of seven (7) officers with the following titles:

Vice President
Business Director
Communications Director
Projects and Innovations Director
Membership Director
IT Director

The Board shall act as the central executive body of the Society and shall have supervision and control of its activities and programs. The Board shall also concern itself with the general direction and long-term future of the Society.

The role of the President shall
i. Be the “contact person” and act as an official representative of UZCOS in all University and community affairs, meetings, events, and activities.
ii. To maintain good rapport and frequent contact with the advisor, informing him/her about the affairs and activities of UZCOS and of the Executive board.
iii. To preside over all meetings
iv. to authorise all expenditure
v. To delegate any portion of his/her duties to any officer of the association, as needed.
To oversee the day to day operation of the Society and tend to the immediate needs of the Society projects and activities. The President shall set the general tone of the Society.
The role of the Vice President shall be
i. The Vice President shall act in place of the President when the President is not available. The vice president shall also assume any representational responsibilities of the president in the event that he/she is unable to attend
ii. To preside over the disciplinary committee

The Communications Director is responsible for
i. All of the Society’s records and archives.
ii. processing routine external and internal communications (including minute taking at all meetings)
iii. The publishing and announcement of all matters that require it.
iv. prepare, distribute, and maintain the minutes of all Executive Board meetings in an efficient and timely manner.
v. Forward electronic copies of the minutes to the Patron of all Executive Board meetings.
vi. Assisting in the preparation of cover letters and proposals.
vii. Supervise and oversee publicity and public relations, including the assignment of roles for posting flyers and posting advertisements or any other form of media within the University.

The Business Director is charged with:
i. the management and oversight of the financial affairs of the Society
ii. maintaining accurate records of all transactions of the Society
iii. Exploring ways of acquiring new funds for the Society, and ensuring its future solvency.
iv. Be entitled the power to sign any financial paperwork along with the President.

The Projects and Innovations Director shall
i. Oversee individual project leaders and shall provide and manage resources to assist the project leaders.
ii. Determine the feasibility of project proposals and make recommendations on these to the board, as well as facilitate the placement of members into project roles.
iii. Be charged with the task of keeping the society updated on the latest relevant innovations both locally and globally and recommending new projects where need be.

The Membership Director is charged with
i. Ensuring the representation and bringing the voice of the Society to the board.
ii. Oversee all recruiting programs as well as social and informal events.
iii. take responsibility of the events hosted by the UZCOS (make arrangements of the location and other necessities that are required for successfully conducting the event)
iv. Be responsible for the invitation and reception of guests and attendees in the events.

The role of the IT Director shall be
i. In charge of all ICT related projects of the club.
ii. Oversee all IT forms of media, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the Club’s website.

Each director shall appoint a committee from members within the society (that are in good standing), to effectively carry out their duties and the activities of the society.
Article VI. Patron
The UZCOS shall have a patron whose main roles are to
i. advise, guide and act as a resource person
ii. help promote creativity and vibrancy
iii. Encourage growth and new ideas and initiatives
Article VII. Projects
A Project may be initiated by the Board at any time. Every project must have a Coordinator who can be selected from any member of the society in good standing. Appointment of all such members is at the Board’s discretion. The Board may remove a coordinator by unanimous vote at any time. Any project that lacks both a coordinator, acting and full, and members shall automatically be defunct.
The Board may also appoint members as general coordinators for specific purposes or missions that do not require projects, such as publicity and recruitment, or whatever other tasks the Board deems necessary for the good of the Society.

Article VIII. Elections and Officers.
All positions in the board shall be elected through direct voting of the General Body of the UZCOS.
To be eligible for a position on the Executive Board, individuals must be students of University of Zimbabwe and members of UZCOS who:
a. express a genuine interest in the activities and purpose of UZCOS.
b. be an active member who has taken an active role in the affairs of the association.
c. are in good standing with the University of Zimbabwe.
d. are able to complete the term of office.

Elections to positions in the board shall be held once a year during the second semester therefore officers shall be elected for a period of one year.
Elections shall be arranged and conducted by the current Executive Board. Nominations for candidates must be received at least seven days before the election.
After election, the Patron shall approve the appointment of the officers of the Executive Board.
Newly elected Officers shall be deemed to have assumed their duties and responsibilities immediately upon being elected.
If an officer should resign from their post for any reason, or become no longer eligible to hold office in the Society, the President may appoint an officer to stand in. An election to fill in the vacant post shall be called in within a month of the position falling vacant.
If the President should prematurely leave office, the Vice President will act as President until a new one is elected. If the Vice President wishes to run for President, an Election Commissioner must then be appointed for the special election. The election of the New President should be done within a month of the vacation of the position.
Article IX. Meetings.
An Executive Board meeting shall be held at least once a month. It shall be called by the President, by the Communications Director, or by a majority of the Board. It shall be called at their discretion at other times. The Communications Director shall keep a clear and unambiguous record of those present and of the proceedings. The Business Director shall report all monetary expenses made by the society since the last meeting. The quorum shall be four (4) Executive Officers,
Regular meetings for the society shall be held at least once a fortnight
Other meetings and business, regular or no, shall have no required quorum.
A General meeting shall be held once a year. Such a General meeting shall be called for with at least two weeks’ notice.
A General Meeting allows the Members to meet, discuss, and vote on Society issues
The quorum for a General Meeting of the society will be at least two-fifths of ordinary members.
Article X. University Regulations
The Society shall at all times be administered in accordance with the rules and regulations governing the University’s Clubs and Societies as published by the Student Affairs Division of the University of Zimbabwe.

Article XI. Amendments
This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the officers of the Executive Committee or a two-thirds majority of the membership at a General Meeting. The proposed amendments must be announced and published at least a week before the meeting. Any constitutional amendments made by the Executive Board are subject to review and approval of the Office of Student Affairs of the University of Zimbabwe.