The University of Zimbabwe Computer Society is a club whose main purpose is  to increase interest and understanding in ICT developments among students in the society and the community at large.

This club is open to all students of the University of Zimbabwe regardless of age, program studied, sex, race, operating system preference, editor preference, national origin, or even ethnic origin. As long as a student expresses genuine interest in ICT developments and are able to meet the minimum requirements, the student is welcome to join the club.

The society shall meet its goal by means such as meetings, projects, seminars and other activities relating to computing, technology and computer science.

The club shall be involved in varying projects that may will involve coming up with new technologies or applications and the practical implementation of developing them. Projects will be recommended and approved by the steering committee and then shared with the rest of the club for practical implementation.

The club shall also have regular meetings (at least fortnightly) to discuss pertinent issues relating to the club, share new ideas and recent/latest developments in the ICT world on a national scale and global scale. This is intended to increase understanding in the world ICT trends and also encourage regular use of computers among members within the society. In these meetings, open discussions on relevant topics relating to ICT developments computing, technology and computer science shall also be included. Seminars may also be held were students get the opportunity to understand some of the more relevant applications being applied on the local market and share experiences in the use of such. Other activities will involve publications in various forms eg via electronic media or email, of scheduled meetings, sessions/seminars, fun computing facts etc.